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BORA - More than cooking.

For the global awareness campaign BORA was seeking for an Agency Partner to work hand in hand with the existing inhouse resources. We crafted a creative task force, working completely in-tune with the BORA Marketing team. A customized collaboration of Creatives from the TP©️ House of Talents - creatives, directors and producers tailored to BORA's specific brief.

Content Production

Together we helped BORA to emphasize the brand spirit within a global awareness campaign that appeals to younger demographics, increasing the visibility of the existing products while introducing 5 new products to further establish BORA as a premium kitchen-supply brand in the market.

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Post Production

Innovative kitchen appliances simplify cooking, enable a healthier lifestyle and transform living spaces into favorite places.

The campaign shows moments from the lives of the target group, who invest in a high-quality and holistic living environment - underlined by the innovative BORA products in a picturesque Alpine landscape.

A top-class content production that captures the unique BORA product experience.

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Asset Design & Production

The result is a variety of creative assets and multiple content formats across all types of media touchpoints. 

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    Totaling in films
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    Moving assets
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    Still motives
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